Thursday, May 26, 2016

Code Club: Week 3 - Starting to Get the Hang of It

It's week three for my school's Code Club, though we're only up to Activity 2 after our tech issues in week 1. After getting an email from cs-first telling me I haven't been using the showcase selector, I thought I had better get onto it. Trying to fit an hour's worth of activities into 50 minutes (more like 45 when you count the transition time) is difficult and sharing was one of the many casualties in the first week. Many students didn't really get it and having some success stories to share might help.  So I made a point of getting students to share their work at the end. The selector wasn't actually working, but by playing around with the site, I was able to find a way to find the students' work (provided they had pressed "share") and put it up on the board. Though as I type this I realize that my projector has just been taken out of my room (we're moving classrooms this week) and I won't actually be able to share with my second lot of students.

I've also noticed that several children have come to me and said they want to quit (with a few more just quitting and not telling me). I'm OK with this. I don't want to force anything on anyone. I want to have students who want to code. I'll let them come back if they want (and perhaps some of them left due to my unpreparedness), but for now, I'm happy with some smaller numbers.

This week there were a larger number of students who weren't lost in scratch, so I did actually have a few examples I could share. Here's one from one of my own students. She was really focused on the videos, and asked lots of good questions (she figured out, before the video told her, that the words were being said at the same time, and then watched the next video to figure out how to do it). This is her project (she has asked to come back today for the second session to finish it - gotta love the enthusiasm!):

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